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All the points donated here are going to my heart and soul :iconoro-vaderdragon: I am willing to anything to get you back. I'm sorry I broke you several times and I broke some rules you gave me, but I can't imagine my life without you. Please, I'm a desperate man trying to win back the girl I love.

(I'm not offering any gifts or rewards yet because I wouldn't participate in DA unless :iconoro-vaderdragon: returns first.)

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Ever since I first met her, my Oro :iconoro-vaderdragon:, I was too blind to realize how much I loved her. I have to release all my feelings towards you, even though I promised to keep some of the things you said to me confidential, therefore I cannot make my journal as long as yours. I completely respect that, but all I am going to do is express all of my feelings towards you without breaking any rules you placed upon me.

Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:, ever since we met on Spore, I have only thought of you as a friend. Then you showed me overwhelming amounts of compassion and caring no one else could possibly give me. You were the inspiration who helped bring me to life. Not only did you give me life, you gave breath to my family of OC dragons. Without you, we are but lifeless statues. You are the reason why I create, draw, and write.

My Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:, I am also doing this to respond to the journal you made for me. All those actions you apologized about are not your fault. I am the one to blame for being very egotistic about myself. My selfish actions caused me to lash out on you and murder one of my own kin, my OC who brings order to my senses. I even split my personal OC into two different characters: The evil incarnate who brought us into this mess, and the good part who is helping me type this. I was so angry, I was unable to realize the love we both shared and I broke it. I am human so I make extreme mistakes such as attacking the only person in the world willing to stand by my side and support me until death.

Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:, please understand what I have to say. Our experience together was our first love, so we both had no idea how it would work out. I remember telling you one day, "Even though we have gone through bad times, these are what make our bond stronger." These fights, ranging from DeviantArt, League of Legends, Pokemon, Hearthstone, Skyrim, RPing with our characters, and so on, once again I take full responsibility. All these fights, which wouldn't have happened if it weren't for me being so ignorant, were made to test our love. I am not perfect, but I now understand how much I really care for you and enjoy seeing you laugh and smile. I would be decimated if someone caught you on the rebound.

I have not been posting art because I vowed not to do it until my Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon: returns. I have done many drawings for you, the dragoness I love, and I would walk every single mile just to reach you and hold your hand. No one can stop my undying love for you my Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:, not even your parents, my parents, and the forces of nature that lie ahead. I am desperate for your forgiveness and love my Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:, please give me life again.

Please Oro:iconoro-vaderdragon:... Come back...

I love you.
  • Mood: Hopeless
  • Listening to: Hoping to hear Oro's Beautiful Voice
  • Reading: Oro's Journal, and her Songs
  • Watching: For my Oro to come back
  • Playing: No Tricks Oro. I stand alone
  • Eating: Karma
  • Drinking: The taste of agony as if it were blood in my mouth

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